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Game of Thrones Adjustable Rings Set


This set represents 8 of Westeros’ great houses, with the sigil boldly displayed on top and the house motto inscribed on the inside. Each base metal ring is adjustable from sizes 9-13 and has an antique patina enhancing the relief artwork. To fully break down each ring’s house, image and motto:


• House Stark’s direwolf sigil with “Winter is Coming” on Nickel Plate Finish.

• House Lannister’s Lion with “Hear Me Roar” on Gold Color Finish.

(“A Lannister always pays his debts” is not the official motto, despite being used more.)

• House Arryn of the Vale’s Facon and Moon with “As High as Honor” (Nickel Plate)

• House Baratheon’s Stag with “Ours is the Fury” (Nickel)

• House Greyjoy’s Kraken with “We Do Not Sow.” (Nickel)

• House Tyrell’s Rose motif with “Growing Strong) (Gold Color)

• House Martell’s Sunspear image with “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

(Although in House of the Dragon, Dorne’s not part of the Realm…yet.)

• House Targaryn’s Dragon, in three headed glory, with “Fire and Blood” in Rose Gold Color Finish.

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